Michael Mayse Consulting has been serving clients for over 40 years. Below are just a few of his satisfied clients.

Mike was the CEO of a non-profit for which I was chairman of the board. In my capacity I was able to observe Mike’s impact on the organization and his ability to drive results. Mike was a focused CEO who viewed each new problem as an opportunity and was never afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what needed to be done. He is skilled at developing his subordinates and in identifying what is needed to further organizational goals. I highly recommend Mike and would gladly hire him again.



Jim Valderrama

Mike is a dedicated and skilled non profit manager and CEO. He balances finances and mission fulfillment well. Always a pleasure to work with him.

Patricia Nobili

As the Executive Director of the IL Medical District Guest House Foundation, Michael took the Foundation from a small operation and a staff of only one (Mike himself) to a significant offering to the families of patients in the IL Medical District. Michael more than doubled the rooms available for families, developed a sliding fee scale for occupants of the Guest House, increased the donations, developed two annual fundraising events that grew in attendance and sponsorships year over year and developed an organization of professionals to support the Foundation. Michael successfully relocated the Guest House from a dilapidated building to a dormitory at a Medical District University where he worked with the University and other organizations to renovate rooms and develop a standard room appearance. He enhanced the guest experience by combining two dorm rooms into one larger room that became the Community Room where guests could enjoy meals, movie nights and a number of other activities that were sponsored by local organizations that were donating time to the Foundation. Michael was able to make a significant impact in a short period of time on the IL Medical District Guest House Foundation

Ammie McAsey (Rabicke)